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AEPH 114 Introductory Physics 2 (4 unités)

Offered by: Génie des bioressources (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)

Vue d'ensemble

Physique (sciences de l'agriculture et de l'environnement) : Electric and magnetic properties of matter: electrostatics, electric currents, the link between electric and magnetic phenomena, geometrical optics, interference diffraction.

Terms: Hiver 2023

Instructors: Titley-Péloquin, David (Winter)

  • Winter

  • 3 lecture hours, 2 lab hours, 2 tutorial hours

  • Prerequisite: AEPH 112 or AEPH 113 or PHYS 101 or PHYS 131 or CEGEP objective 00UR or equivalents, or permission of instructor

  • Corequisite: AEMA 102 (or MATH 141 or higher level calculus course) or CEGEP objective 00UP, or permission of instructor.

  • Restriction: Not open to students who have taken PHYS 102 or PHYS 142 or AEPH 115 or CEGEP objective 00US or equivalent. Not open to students in Bioresource Engineering.

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