PHGY 461D1 Experimental Physiology (4.5 credits)

Offered by: Physiology (Faculty of Science)


Physiology : Individual project work under the supervision of Departmental Staff members.

Terms: Fall 2018

Instructors: Wechsler, Ann; Cooper, Linda H; Orlowski, John; Vollrath, Melissa (Fall)

  • Fall

  • Restrictions: Departmental approval required. This course is a requirement for U3 students in the Honours Physiology program, the Major Program in Physiology and Mathematics, and the Major program in Physiology and Physics, and is open to a limited number of other U3 Physiology students.

  • Students must register for both PHGY 461D1 and PHGY 461D2.

  • No credit will be given for this course unless both PHGY 461D1 and PHGY 461D2 are successfully completed in consecutive terms

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