MUCO 340D1 Composition 2 (2 credits)

Offered by: Music Research (Schulich School of Music)


Composition : Composition tutorial. Weekly hour-long private composition lessons. Students are required to complete, at a minimum, a five-minute composition in each of the fall and winter semesters, or the equivalent (for example, a 10-minute composition completed over the course of both semesters). Works may include acoustic instruments and/or voices, with or without electronics. Goals may include advancement of technique, study of relevant repertoire and development of a personal musical style.

Terms: Fall 2018

Instructors: Rea, John; Cherney, Brian; Bouliane, Denys; Lesage, Jean; Harman, Christopher; Hui, Melissa; Leroux, Philippe; Ferguson, Sean Alastair; Wild, Jonathan; Neidhofer, Christoph (Fall)