EDPI 341 Instruction in Inclusive Schools (3 credits)

Offered by: Educational&Counselling Psych (Faculty of Education)


Ed Psych & Couns (Inclusive) : Developing, planning, implementing and evaluating effective learning programs for diverse learners, and consideration of their more general applicability. Adapting curriculum and instruction for learners with varying abilities, learning styles, and needs. Collaboration with students, families, and other educators (or stakeholders) in the instructional process. Application of adaptations at the classroom and school level for all students in inclusive schools.

Terms: Fall 2017, Summer 2018

Instructors: Karen Cohen-Gazith, Amanda Saxe, Gus Appignanesi (Fall) Beatrice Gilpin Mayappo, Mary Wapachee, Hannah Jacob Moses, Susan Masty, Eva Moar Happyjack, Mary Ann Ottereyes (Summer)

  • Restriction: Open to B.Ed. students only

  • Also offered through Continuing Education.

  • Prerequisite: EDPE 300.