Fees: Health Sciences

Fees: Health Sciences

The information in this publication was updated in April 2015. The University reserves the right to make changes without notice in the published scale of fees.

Further information regarding fees is available at University Regulations and Resources > Undergraduate > Fees, and on the Student Accounts website.

Fees for the Health Sciences (rates as of 2014-2015)
Application Fees:
  • All undergraduate programs, excluding Medicine
  • $102.20
  • Medicine
  • $143.08
  • Reconsideration fee
  • $40
Repayment Fee:
  • Dentistry
  • $500
  • Pre-Dentistry
  • $300
  • Medicine
  • $500
Communication Sciences and Disorders Fees
M.Sc.A. ID Badge - First Year
  • $23.70
Dentistry - Purchases of Equipment and Materials Fee
In addition to the fees shown on the list of fees for Dentistry, students must purchase certain items of equipment and supplies from the Faculty of Dentistry. The fee also includes an amount for general supplies in the laboratories and clinics and will be billed on your e-bill.

The cost of these purchases (including GST and QST) in 2014–2015 was as follows:

  • First Year (starting 2014-2015)
  • $343.54
  • Second Year
  • $17,808.67
  • Third Year
  • $3,796.00
  • Fourth Year
  • $2,614.53
You will receive an e-bill in August with the exact breakdown of costs related to your equipment purchase.
Dental Students' Society New Facility Contribution
  • Years 1 through 4**
  • $5,000
** The Dental Students' Society has voted that as of September 2014, incoming dental students will pay $5000 per year throughout the four years of their program as a contribution towards the new Faculty of Dentistry facility. Please visit this section of our website for more information about this new project.
Dental Clinic/Lab Usage Fee (as of 2014-2015)
  • Second Year
  • $1,026
  • Third Year
  • $2,052
  • Fourth Year
  • $2,052
Dentistry - Laptops
The Faculty of Dentistry uses web-based courseware and examinations. Students are required to be equipped with laptops that meet certain minimum requirements.
Dentistry and Medicine - Microscopes
In order to ensure that each student is adequately equipped for the microscopic work in histology, microbiology and pathology, a binocular microscope is provided for all students in first and second year.
Nursing Fees
Books, Uniform, Stethoscope, etc.
  • $2,500
Graduate Pins – Third Year
  • $50 to $160
Nursing Explorations – 3 years
  • $55 to $75 per year
Name Badge – First Year
  • $23
OIIQ registration fee (paid at the OIIQ)
  • $218.45 (for duration of program)
Physical and Occupational Therapy Fees
Books and Other Equipment
  • $1,000
Laboratory Materials
  • $59.96
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