Faculty of Medicine (Graduate)

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Since McGill’s inception, the Faculty of Medicine has ushered in many groundbreaking medical discoveries and advances, securing its position as the country's leading medical research university. With 43 per cent of all Canadian Institutes of Health Research funding in Quebec, McGill receives the most of any university in the province. And the McGill University Health Centre, with more than 500 researchers, 1,000 graduate and postdoctoral students, 1,400 published papers and close to $100 million in research funding, is Canada's largest hospital-based research facility.

Those studying within the Faculty of Medicine make up over 25 per cent of McGill’s student population, and over 30 per cent of its doctoral student population.

Graduate studies in medicine can lead to a variety of fantastic careers in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, as science writers for the media, and in government health agencies, to name a few.

Students interested in a research career in academic medicine may wish to apply for admission to the joint M.D.,C.M. and Ph.D. (MDCM&PhD) program.

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