Honours Program in Environment

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Honours Program in Environment

  • Ms. Kathy Roulet, MSE Program Adviser
  • Telephone: 514-398-4306
  • Email: kathy.roulet [at] mcgill.ca

This Program is open only to students in the B.Sc. Major in Environment, B.Sc.(Ag.Env.Sc.) Major in Environment, B.A. Faculty Program in Environment, and the B.A. & Sc. Interfaculty Program in Environment.

The Honours Program in Environment offers students the opportunity to undertake a year-long research project in close association with a professor. Honours research provides excellent preparation for graduate studies, but is not required for such studies. The Honours in Environment adds 6 credits of research to the regular Environment program. Since the Honours research is carried out in the final year at the same time as the regular courses, it does not add to the length (duration) of the degree. Students simply have 6 fewer credits of electives. If, for some reason, students cannot complete the Honours requirements, they may still graduate with the regular Environment program.

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