120-Credit Program, Freshman Course Distribution

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120-Credit Program, Freshman Course Distribution

Students admitted to a program requiring 97–120 credits (four years) register in a Freshman year in which they must complete MATH 122 and MATH 123 (or equivalents) as well as the 12 credits of complementary courses specified below.

A minimum grade of C is required for all MATH and Freshman complementary courses, as well as BUSA 100 and BUSA 250.

Advanced Standing students with under 24 credits have the option of taking BUSA 100 and BUSA 250. Advanced Standing students with 24 or more credits will not be eligible to take BUSA 100 and BUSA 250.

Please note that you are responsible for ensuring that the prerequisites and corequisites of all courses (required and complementary) are satisfied.

The Freshman Course Distribution is as follows:

U0 Required Courses (12 credits)
MATH 1221 (3) Calculus for Management
MATH 1231 (3) Linear Algebra and Probability
BUSA 100 (3) Introduction to Management
BUSA 250 (3) Expressive Analysis for MGMT

U0 Complementary Courses (9 credits)

9 credits in total must be selected from the following three categories. Courses must be chosen from at least two groups.

  • C1. Society, Culture & Language
  • C2. Critical Thinking & Analysis
  • C3. Global Perspective & Environment

Course listings can be found at the Desautels Faculty of Management's website at: www.mcgill.ca/desautels/programs/bcom/academics/programstructure/120-credit-program.

U0 Elective Courses (9 credits)

U0 Electives are subject to the restrictions for non-Management electives.

Program Footnote:

  1. Students with credit/exemption for MATH 140 are exempt from MATH 122. However, MATH 122 does not exempt students required to take MATH 140 for specific programs.

    Students considering the following programs:

    Major or Minor in Mathematics or Statistics, or Honours or Joint Honours program in Economics

    • Six of these credits would be counted in the U0 Required Courses and the remaining credits would count toward C2. Critical Thinking & Analysis.
Note: Management students cannot receive credit for ARET 150, COMP 102, ECON 208, ECON 209, ECON 227, ECON 230, ECON 250D1/ECON 250D2, ECON 257D1/ECON 257D2, MATH 112, MATH 203, or MATH 204 as elective courses.
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