About the School of Continuing Studies

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The McGill School of Continuing Studies (SCS) has an international reputation as a leader in continuing education. Our instructors are dynamic and engaged, our student body, smart and diverse, bringing with them a wide range of experience from all walks of life. We are situated in the heart of the city of Montreal, on the main campus of Canada’s leading university. Look to SCS for excellence in teaching, innovative programs, entrepreneurial approaches to education, and enabling learner services.

SCS offers students a wide range of certificate and diploma programs in languages and career-related areas, as well as courses and workshops designed to keep practising professionals on top of the latest developments in their field. For students who wish to build on their interests or open up new avenues of experience and understanding, the SCS Personal and Cultural Enrichment Program (PACE) offers a wide range of courses in arts and culture, social issues and community engagement, and life transitions, as well as friendly and intellectually stimulating options for lifelong learning.

SCS students come to McGill from Montreal, across Canada, and around the world to take advantage of exceptional learning and professional development opportunities, devised specifically for today’s rapidly changing society.

Multidisciplinary and actively collaborating with McGill faculties and experts from both the public and private sectors, SCS is learner- and client-centred, and responsive to our students’ evolving needs. The School also continues to build international partnerships with educational institutions, corporate clients, and other organizations.

Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2013-2014 (last updated May. 7, 2013) (disclaimer)
School of Continuing Studies—2013-2014 (last updated May. 7, 2013) (disclaimer)