Faculty of Science, including School of Computer Science (Graduate)

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For people who like to ask questions, Science leads to answers. What makes Science at McGill special is the potent combination of internationally renowned professor-researchers and bright and accomplished students. McGill Science professors work closely with graduate students to advance the frontiers of knowledge. Science at McGill addresses areas from cognitive science to galactic cosmology, and everything in between. Nine departments offer programs leading to graduate degrees.

Working at redefining our understanding of the universe, our departments share a commitment to combining theory and practice, giving you plenty of opportunities for fieldwork, research-based projects, internships, and cross-disciplinary studies. We make sure you get the best education possible at the graduate level. In the field and in the lab, McGill students break new ground. We are eager to share this adventure of learning through discovery with you.

Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2012-2013 (last updated Dec. 20, 2012) (disclaimer)
Faculty of Science—2012-2013 (last updated Dec. 20, 2012) (disclaimer)
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