Administrative Officers

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Administrative Officers for the Faculty of Engineering

Andrew G. Kirk; B.Sc.(Brist.), Ph.D.(Lond.) (James McGill Professor) (Interim)
Associate Deans
Subhasis Ghoshal; B.C.E.(Jad.), M.S.(Missouri), Ph.D.(Carn. Mell), P.Eng. (William Dawson Scholar) (Undergraduate Education)
Showan Nazhat; B.Eng., M.Sc., Ph.D.(Lond.) (Gerald Hatch Faculty Fellow) (Research and Graduate Education)
Lawrence Chen; B.Eng.(McG.), M.A.Sc., Ph.D.(Tor.), P.Eng. (Academic Affairs)
Department Chairs
Dimitrios Berk; B.Sc.(Bosphorus), M.E.Sc.(W. Ont.), Ph.D.(Calg.), P.Eng. (Chemical Engineering)
Van Thanh Van Nguyen; B.M.E.(Vietnam), M.C. Eng.(A.I.T.), D.A.Sc.(Montr.), Eng. (Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics)
Fabrice Labeau; B.Eng., Ph.D.(Louvain), P.Eng. (Electrical and Computer Engineering) (Interim)
Arun Misra; B.Tech.(Indian IT, Kharagpur), Ph.D.(Br. Col.), P.Eng., F.A.A.S., A.F.A.I.A.A. (Mechanical Engineering)
Steve Yue; B.Sc., Ph.D.(Leeds) (James McGill Professor) (Lorne Trottier Chair in Aerospace Engineering) (Mining and Materials Engineering)
Director, School of Architecture
Annmarie Adams; B.A.(McG.), M.Arch., Ph.D.(Calif., Berk.)
Director, School of Urban Planning
Raphaël Fischler; B.Eng.(U. Tech. Eindhoven), M.Sc., M.C.P.(MIT), Ph.D.(Calif., Berk.)
Secretary of Faculty
Colin Rogers; B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc.(Wat.), Ph.D.(Syd.), P.Eng.
Director of Administration
Christine Tutt
Manager, EMF
Debbie Morzajew
Facilities Manager (Acting)
Debbie Morzajew
Human Resources Adviser
Susanne Baumann-Moroy
Financial Officer
Sonia Nardini
Associate Director, Engineering Student Centre
Judy Pharo
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