NUTR 209 Professional Practice Stage 1B (2 credits)

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Offered by: Human Nutrition (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)


Nutrition and Dietetics : Directed, supervised experiences in nutrition services and food service operations management; integration into the professional team.

Terms: Summer 2013

Instructors: Joane Routhier, Hugues Plourde, Maureen Rose (Summer)

  • Prerequisites: All U1 required courses of the Dietetics major: AGEC 242, ANSC 234, LSCI 211, LSCI 230, NUTR 207, NUTR 208, NUTR 214, NUTR 217 and NUTR 322. All U0 math and science entrance requirements must be complete prior to commencement of NUTR 209.

  • The course NUTR 209 includes a $150 fee for the Level I stage manual and name tags for students' identification at their placement sites. The fee is refundable until the end of the add/drop period as long as the materials that have been distributed are returned intact.