Osler Lectureship

46th Annual Osler Lectureship

Wednesday, November 1st 2023

6:00 PM, Redpath Museum Auditorium

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Gordon Guyatt, MD, McMaster University                            Gordon Guyatt Photo


How evidence-based medicine has - and has not - changed the world

Evidence-based medicine posits a hierarchy that allows differentiating between high and low quality evidence; that systematic reviews of the best available evidence are necessary to deliver optimal medical care; and the evidence never by itself informs decisions, but always in the context of patient values and preferences. As it has evolved, EBM has recognized the limitations of individual clinicians in assessing quality of evidence, and the crucial role of evidence-based clinical guidelines.

Gordon Guyatt, MD is a McMaster University Distinguished Professor. His work, focused on Evidence-based Medicine, has resulted in over 1,500 peer-reviewed publications cited over 195,000 times - making him one of the world’s 20 most cited researchers – and with a profound impact on medical practice worldwide.



Group photo
Image by Owen Egan and Joni Dufour.

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