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The Centre for Research and Expertise in Social Gerontology (CREGÉS) @ the McGill School of Social Work! : 

CREGES@McGill is an open, comfortable space where students can exchange ideas and develop a community based on their interest in aging issues. Our space allows students the opportunity to network, provide mutual support and share their research interests and practice experiences.

Social gerontology is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on the complex and nuanced social aspects of aging. Aging is a heterogeneous process, meaning older adults experience aging differently, yet aging is also a unifying experience. Consider, the varied implications of gender and socio-economic status on the well-being of older adults and the solidarity older adults share in the aging experience.

Students’ interest in aging issues reflect this diversity, such as the experience of older adults who become homeless for the first time in their old age or the experience of exploited aging caregivers. 


  • Offer an office space and presence on campus;
  • Support the development of a community of students, researchers and practitioners interested in aging issues;
  • Support knowledge exchange and encourage inter-university dialogue;
  • Organize events, talks and activities related to the topic of social gerontology;
  • Provide information regarding opportunities for students in the areas of class availabilities and sharing, research, funding, knowledge dissemination, internships and employment.


Our Mission:

CREGES@McGill functions in collaboration with the main principles of the Center for research and expertise in social gerontology (CREGÉS) at the CIUSSS-West-Central Montreal. These principles include the transfer of knowledge from academic and practice settings, the dissemination of research from a multidisciplinary approach and the development of state of the art practice interventions.

Research conducted at CREGÉS is anchored in five research pillars which include: Seniors as Social Actors, Heterogeneity of Aging: Bodies, Identity and Society; Service Delivery to Seniors; Living Environments and Public Policy which extends across the four former pillars.

CREGÉS' madate is to: 

  • Conduct scientific research in social gerontology;
  • Develop best practices through a partnership between research and practice;
  • Participate in university education and provide training for professionals working in the field of social gerontology;
  • Facilitate the exchange and sharing of knowledge and expertise;
  • Provide leadership and develop partnerships with universities, health and social service organisations, and the community.

For more information please see http://www.creges.ca/site/en/









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