Course Readings

The jurisprudence of the court

StudyGuide06-07 [.pdf] (38k): Study Guide 2006-07

FactPattern06-07 [.pdf] (28k): Fact Pattern 2006-07

Manderson-ToutCourt [.pdf] (0.8mb): Desmond Manderson, "In the tout court of Shakespeare: Interdisciplinary Pedagogy in Law" [.pdf] (2004) 54 Journal of Legal Education 283.

MandersonYachnin-LoveOnTrial [.pdf] (1.4mb): Desmond Manderson and Paul Yachnin, "Love on Trial: Nature, Law, and Same-Sex Marriage in the Court of Shakespeare" [.pdf] (2004) 49 McGill Law J 475.

Not Drowning, Waiving [.pdf] (0.3mb): Desmond Manderson, Paul Yachnin, et al, "Not Drowning, Waiving: Responsibility to Others in the Court of Shakespeare" in a forthcoming special issue of Law, Culture & the Humanities. Full text of the article and accompanying judgments.

Theories of interpretation

Cover-Nomos [.pdf] (1.1mb) or Cover-Nomos2 [.pdf] (7.3mb): Robert Cover, "Nomos and Narrative" [.pdf] (1983) 97 Harvard Law Review 4.

Dworkin-Integrity [.pdf] (0.4mb) or Dworkin-Integrity2 [.pdf] (4.7mb): Ronald Dworkin, "Integrity in Law" in Law's Empire [.pdf] (Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap Press, 1986), 225-239.

Hart-ConceptOfLaw [.pdf] (1mb) or Hart-ConceptOfLaw2 [.pdf] (10mb): H.L.A. Hart, The Concept of Law [.pdf] (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1961), 79-81, 91-103, 107-108, 123-129, 136-41.

Hart-Positivism [.pdf] (1.2mb): H.L.A. Hart, "Positivism and the Separation of Law & Morals" [.pdf] (1958) 71 Harvard Law Review 593-629.

Fuller-Positivism [.pdf] (1.4mb): Lon Fuller, "Positivism and Fidelity to Law" [.pdf] (1958) 71 Harvard Law Review 630-672.

Constitutional texts

McCulloch-v-Maryland [.pdf] (0.5mb): McCullock v. Maryland 4 Wheaton 316 [.pdf] (1819), reprinted online:

BNA24-Edwards-v-AGC [.pdf] (0.5mb): Re Section 24 of the BNA; Henrietta Muir Edwards et al v Attorney General for Canada [1930] 1 D.L.R. 98; 1929 D.L.R. LEXIS1332.

Murphy-Originalism [.pdf] (0.2mb) or Murphy-Originalism2 [.pdf] (2.5mb): Walter F. Murphy et al. "Originalism" in American Constitutional Interpretation 2nd ed., [.pdf] (Westbury, New York: Foundation Press, 1995), 389-393.

Scalia-Originalism [.pdf] (0.2mb) or Scalia-Originalism2 [.pdf] (3.1mb): Antonin Scalia, "Originalism: The Lesser Evil" in Walter F. Murphey et al. American Constitutional Interpretation 2nd ed., [.pdf] (Westbury, New York: Foundation Press, 1995), 231-236 [originally published in [.pdf] (1989) 57 U. Cinn. L. Rev. 849].

Brennan-Constitution [.pdf] (0.2mb) or Brennan-Constitution2 [.pdf] (4.1mb): William J. Brennan, Jr., "The Constitution of the United States: Contemporary Ratification" in Walter F. Murphey et al. American Constitutional Interpretation 2nd ed., [.pdf] (Westbury, New York: Foundation Press, 1995), 236-243 [Lecture delivered at Georgetown University, Oct. 12, 1985; also published in [.pdf] (1986) 27 S. Tex. L.J. 433].

Law versus literature

Goodrich-CourtsOfLove [.pdf] (1.9mb): Peter Goodrich, "Law in the Courts of Love: Andreas Capellanus and the Judgments of Love" [.pdf] (1996) 48 Stan. L. Rev. 633.

Nussbaum-PoetsAsJudges [.pdf] (1.3mb): Martha Nussbaum, "Poets as Judges" from Poetic Justice [.pdf] (Boston: Beacon Press, 1995).

Posner-LawAndLit [.pdf] (1.9mb) or for higher resolution Posner-LawAndLit-Chap2-part1 [.pdf] (10.1mb) and Posner-LawAndLit-Chap2-part2 [.pdf] (11.1mb) and Posner-LawAndLit-Chap5-part1 [.pdf] (10mb) and Posner-LawAndLit-Chap5-part2 [.pdf] (10.3mb): Richard Posner, Law and Literature: A Misunderstood Relation [.pdf] (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1988), chapters 2 and 5.

Derrida-BeforeTheLaw [.pdf] (1.2mb): Jacques Derrida, "Before the Law" from Acts of Literature [.pdf] (NY: Routledge, 1992).

Materials for the 2005-06 case

Dawson-SecularPerformance [.pdf] (66k): Anthony Dawson, "Shakespeare and Secular Performance".

Diehl-PaulinasMagic [.pdf] (65k): Huston Diehl, "'Does Not the Stone Rebuke Me?': The Pauline Rebuke and Paulina's Lawful Magic in The Winter's Tale".

Douzinas-LawDeathbound [.pdf] (1.1mb): Costas Douzinas, "Law Deathbound" in Desmond Manderson, ed., Courting Death [.pdf] (London: Pluto, 1999), 163-180.

Greenblatt-HamletPurgatory1 [.pdf] (Part 1, 9.2mb) and Greenblatt-HamletPurgatory2 [.pdf] (Part 2, 12mb): Stephen Greenblatt, "Remember Me", in Hamlet in Purgatory, [.pdf] (Princeton: Princeton UP, 2001), 205-257.

Knapp-Tribe [.pdf] (13.6mb): Jeffrey Knapp, "Introduction", in Shakespeare's Tribe: Church, Nation, and Theatre in Renaissance England, [.pdf] (Chicago: U of Chicago P, 2002), 1-21.

Nonet-AntigonesLaw [.pdf] (1.8mb): Philippe Nonet, "Antigone's Law" [.pdf] (2006) 2 Law, Culture and the Humanities 314-335; and commentaries on it [.pdf] (2006) 2 Law, Culture and the Humanities, 336-348

Pamuk-HowWritePoems [.pdf] (0.8mb): Orhan Pamuk, "How Do You Write Poems?" in Snow, trans. Maureen Freely, [.pdf] (NY: Vintage Books, 2005 [.pdf] (2002)), 117-29.

Shugar-Habits [.pdf] (6.5mb): Debora Shugar, "Introduction", in Habits of Thought in the English Renaissance: Religion, Politics, and the Dominant Culture, [.pdf] (Toronto: U of Toronto P, 1997), 1-16.

TudorDocuments [.pdf] (0.2mb): Selected Tudor Documents on Religion and the State compiled from various sources

The situation of literature

Scarry-MadeUp [.pdf] (0.4mb): Elaine Scarry, "The Made-Up and the Made-Real" in Field Work: Sites of Literary and Cultural Studies, Eds. Marjorie Garber, Paul Franklin and Rebecca Walkowitz, [.pdf] (Routledge: New York & London, 1996), 214-224.

Volosinov-SocialInteraction [.pdf] (0.7mb): V.N. Volosinov, from Social Interaction and the Bridge of Words.

Cover-ViolenceWord [.pdf] (2mb): Robert Cover, "Violence and the Word" in Austin Sarat, ed., Narrative, Violence, and the Law, 203-38.

Constable-FieldPain [.pdf] (0.9mb): Marianne Constable, "The Field of Pain and Death," Chapter 6 from Just Silences, 132-48.

Bourdieu-CulturalProduction [.pdf] (2mb): Pierre Bourdieu, from The Field of Cultural Production.

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