Shari R. Baum, Ph.D.

Academic title(s): 

James McGill Professor
Vice Dean, Research, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Shari R. Baum, Ph.D.
Contact Information
Email address: 
shari.baum [at]

BA French Linguistics, Cornell University
MS Communication Science & Disorders, University of Vermont
PhD Linguistics, Brown University

Research areas: 
Bilingual learners and speakers
Healthy adults
Hearing impaired
Neuromotor disorders
Right hemisphere damage
Typically-developing infants and children
Current research: 

Research interests focus on two main areas: neurolinguistics and speech science. A primary goal of Dr. Baum’s research is to ascertain the neural substrates of various aspects of language processing, including word recognition, speech and prosodic production and perception, and sentence processing. To this end, Dr. Baum is utilizing ERP, TMS and fMRI paradigms, as well as conducting behavioural studies with brain-damaged patients. Research on aspects of normal speech motor control is also underway, including kinematic and acoustic studies of speech adaptation to perturbation.

Selected publications: 
Core and Clinical Faculty
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