Affiliate Members of our S-LP Community

A McGill appointment as a (nil salaried) Affiliate Member of the SCSD is meant to recognize individuals who are making a significant contribution to the educational mission of the SCSD, by serving as Clinical Educators, engaging in classroom teaching, or through other collaborative projects with the School.

These individuals are considered Affiliate Faculty Members in the Faculty of Medicine and are valued members of our SCSD community. Learn how to become an Affiliate Member here


Current Affiliate Faculty Members:

Bourque, Michelle A
Burns, Jesse Patrick Mauro
Christe, Elisabeth
Coffin, Patricia C
Daisomont, Manon Rolande
Delyfer, Annie
Dowson, Lorna
Dube, Anny
Falovitch, Glenda
Fraid, Ariana
Gardner, Marsha
Hernandez, Yolaine
Kimelman, Linda J
Lalonde, Suzanne
Lauzon, Alexandra
Leblanc, Joanne
Lemay, Christine
Maislin-Takefman, Lisa
Massaro, Lisa Audrey
Morrison-Visentin, Jackie
Nemeth, Susan H
Raymond, Barry Peter
Rioux, Eve Julie
Robillard-Shultz, Judy
Seresova, Alena
Thanos, Akrivi Viki
Timm, Colleen Ann
Tremblay, Helene
Vogt, Barbara Anne
Woodburn, Patricia