Clinical Services

Montreal General Hospital

Room A7-177, 1650 Cedar Ave., Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 1A4
Tel.: 514-934-8014
Fax: 514-934-8226

At the MGH Site, the Division maintains a very active outpatient service, including specialized Asthma Lung Oncology units. The Division also provides consultation services to the in-patient wards and the emergency departments.  Areas of specialization include immunological pulmonary diseases, sarcoidosis, trauma and pulmonary malignancies.  The MGH Site also provides in-patient consultation support to the Montreal Neurological Institute.


MUHC Glen  

1001 boul.  Decarie D05.2502, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4A 3J1
Tel.: 514-934-1934
Fax: 514-843-1695

The Respiratory Division provides a very active pulmonary consultation service to the medical, surgical, and emergency departments located at MUHC Glen.  A diverse array of complex pulmonary disorders are encountered, including those associated with solid organ and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, immunological lung diseases, and pregnancy.

The Montreal Chest Institute (MCI), a centre of clinical, research, and teaching expertise in respiratory diseases, provides highly specialized ambulatory programs such as asthma, tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis, and COPD, in addition the rapid investigation clinic (RIC) for patients with suspected lung cancer, and the rapid access clinic (RAC) for patients with other respiratory problems requiring urgent investigation.   The Sleep Disorders Centre, a multidisciplinary service, aims at diagnosing and treating patients with sleep-disordered breathing and other sleep pathologies and includes a very active service for ambulatory (home) sleep studies.  The Sleep Laboratory has 3 beds dedicated to research studies, and 6 clinical beds, for full in-laboratory polysomnography and other investigations. 

Other ambulatory specialties include clinical pulmonary physiology (including exercise), and neuromuscular disorders affecting respiration.  Services offered by the MCI also include the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, the National Home Ventilatory Assistance Program (responsible for the care of patients on chronic mechanical ventilation in the western half of Quebec.)  Many of these clinics bring together respirologists and other specialists (e.g. infectious diseases, public health, allergy, thoracic surgery), as well as family physicians, nurse-clinicians, and respiratory therapists.

The Respiratory Day Hospital, cares for patients requiring more than routine outpatient care but who are not sufficiently ill to require admission, primarily those with obstructive airways diseases.  It also offers a “drop-in” service for acutely ill respiratory patients.  Importantly, it provides a one-stop location for patients requiring complex outpatient investigation.  It offers a full array of basic and advanced bronchoscopic and pleural procedures, including endobronchial ultrasound, medical thoracoscopy, and ultrasound-guided insertion of indwelling pleural catheters.

The MCI is home for several pulmonary in-patient programs.  A 16-bed in-patient ward provides specialty care for patients with acute and/or chronic respiratory diseases, and is closely linked to MCI's outpatient services.   There is a 7-bed respiratory ICU, which specializes in weaning patients from mechanical ventilation.


Lachine Hospital

650 16th Avenue
Lachine, QC H8S 3N5
Tel:  514-934-1934

The Respiratory Division provides long term care at Lachine Hospital to patients with chronic respiratory disease, including long-term ventilation for patients who cannot be cared for at home; these patients reside at the Pavillon Camille-Lefebvre.  Consultation support is provided as well to the emergency department and inpatient units, and an outpatient referral clinic for patients with respiratory diseases.


Montreal Children's Hospital

1001 Decarie Blvd, B01.7016
Montreal, QC
H4A 3J1
Tel.: 514-934-1934 ext. 23088
Fax: 514-412-4364
Site Director: larry.lands [at] (Dr Larry Lands )


Jewish General Hospital

3755 Cote St. Catherine, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3T 1E2
Tel.: 514-340-8203
Fax: 514-340-7555
Site Director: Dr. Jason Agulnik

The Sir Mortimer B. Davis - Jewish General Hospital’s (JGH) Division of Pulmonary Diseases provides care for patients with all types of lung disorders including lung cancer, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, tuberculosis, thromboembolism, pulmonary hypertension, and sleep disorders. The division’s primary mandate is to offer first-class medical treatment for patients suffering from these conditions.  Division members also carry out research that will lead to promising new treatments and approaches to care, and all members are involved in resident and pulmonary fellows training.

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