•  The three hospitals in partnership with the Rossy Cancer Network (RCN) strive to provide cancer patients with the highest quality of care.

•  In order to evaluate how the quality of care we provide measures up with other leading cancer centres, quality indicators are measured and compared to the highest standards.

•  While the RCN partner hospitals have been collecting quality indicators to share internally, studies show that when measures of performance are publically reported, management and clinical staff are motivated to improve or maintain high levels of performance. By regularly reporting a set of network-wide quality indicators on the RCN website, we hope to act as a catalyst for positive change and spark improvement initiatives. 

How Were the Indicators Selected?

Each hospital measures indicators of quality, some of which are mandated by the Ministry of Health. In addition, tumour-specific Disease Site Groups collect data specific to the type of cancer they treat.

The indicators proposed for this first release of RCN data were selected by the RCN Quality Council (CQC) according to the following general principles. Indicators should be:

•    meaningful and important to patients
•    available from all 3 partner hospitals, when applicable
•    selected from an existing inventory of indicators collected by each partner hospital or by the RCN
•    collected in the same way across the RCN with common definitions
•    validated by the Disease Site Groups or the Quality Department of each partner hospital

Seven indicators that can impact patient outcomes directly were targeted for this initial public release. 

Indicator Review Process

The general indicators were reviewed by the Quality Department of each hospital. The data and narrative for the tumor-specific indicators were reviewed by the Disease Site Groups

​The text and data were then reviewed by the RCN Quality Council and the RCN Executive Committee. Final review and approval for public reporting was obtained by the Director General of each hospital through the RCN Governance Group


The target indicates the level that the RCN is aiming for. Whenever possible, a provincial target from the Ministry of Health is selected.  Canadian targets (CPAC or other), regional targets, professional organizations or studies from academic institutions (Canadian or international) are used if Ministry requirements are not available. 

For some indicators, the targets are defined by the Disease Site Groups based on best available evidence and treatment guidelines. 

Reporting Format

The reporting format is based on the one used by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC), that is intended to help policy makers, health planners, researchers and health professionals identify best practices and opportunities for quality improvements in cancer control across Canada.
Each indicator is structured in the following way: 

•    Key messages – broad take-home message
•    About this indicator – why it is important to measure the indicator
•    Charts and tables – all results are together in this section. Results are reported for the RCN as a combined score unless there are significant differences between the three hospitals
•    What do the results mean? – explains the results. Major difference between hospitals are addressed. 
•    Efforts in this area – included only if efforts are being made to improve performance.
•    Data specifications – detailed definitions and indicator methodology.

The goal is to present data with sufficient detail for hospital leadership and health professionals, but in a way that is accessible to patients. 

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Disclaimer: The Rossy Cancer Network has attempted to ensure the accuracy of the data that it is reporting for each of its hospitals. Values posted on this web page may change as new information becomes available or corrections are made; this may alter accumulated values.

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