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QLS Seminar Series - Allison Shaw

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 12:00to13:00

Parasites, animal migration, and how perspective shapes science

Allison Shaw, University of Minnesota
Tuesday April 5, 12-1pm
Zoom Link: https://mcgill.zoom.us/j/85428056343

Abstract: Animal migration (round-trip, predictable movements) takes individuals across space and time, bringing them into contact with new communities of organisms. In particular, migratory movements can be shaped by the costs and risk of parasite transmission. Here, I will present some of our work using mathematical models to understand how parasites shape the evolution of animal migration. We use adaptive dynamics to determine the evolutionarily stable strategy of migratory tendency, given different infection scenarios. Finally, I’ll use this example to argue that research is shaped by the identities, perspectives, and experiences of the scientists who conduct it. Perspective shapes the questions we ask, the systems we work in, and the processes we choose to explore (as well as the ones we choose to ignore).

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