QLS (Quantitative Life Sciences); SQV (Sciences quantitatives du vivant)

PI Profile - Leonard Levin

I am primarily a cellular and molecular neuroscientist, with clinical practice in diseases of the optic nerve and related areas. My training was in applied mathematics and computer science, followed by neurobiology and clinical neuro-ophthalmology. My laboratory has therefore been highly involved in computational approaches to problems in the pathophysiology and clinical aspects of ophthalmologic diseases. Ongoing specific projects include:

  1. A patient-level Markov chain simulation model of the progression of diabetic retinopathy in Québec, evaluating the cost-effectiveness of various screening methodologies.
  2. Simulation of the spread of variance in the drug development process. This contributes knowledge regarding the powering of translational studies in drug development.
  3. Modeling of the spread of superoxide anion in the optic nerve, where there is a mitochondrial DNA mutation affecting the generation of superoxide.
  4. Modeling of the development and spread of ischemia within an optic nerve undergoing a compartment syndrome.
  5. Aligning the ability to read with specific aspect of the visual field, using a simulation approach.
  6. Optimizing the allocation of patient participants for clinical trials under various constraints.

Our overall goal is to continue these kinds of applications of simulation procedures to other problems in basic science, translational, or clinical medicine in ophthalmology and related areas.

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