Research Documents

PDF icon technical_report_on_workshops_2023_manene.pdf

PDF icon formal_agreement_with_the_traditional_authorities_of_balsas_.pdf

PDF icon Historical presence of Embera communities on the Balsa River

PDF icon ethics_approval-reb21-03-023.pdf

Outreach Projects

Sustainable Canada Dialogues, a voluntary network that mobilises over 80 sustainability researchers from every province in Canada. Check out our reports and activities.

PIVOT, an action-research project to encourage climate action among small- and medium-size enterprises in Canada

🎥 McGill At Work—Dialogues on Sustainability YouTube Channel. Check out the series of videos created from 2013-2015 to showcase sustainability research in Panama and Canada.

Affiliated Research Groups

Centre d'étude de la forêt 

Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

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