Associate Members

Arash Abizadeh

Political Science
Research Areas: History of Political Philosophy; Contemporary Political Theory; Nationalism; Democratic Theory; Discourse Ethics.

Konstantinos Arvanitakis (part-time)

Canadian Institute of Psychoanalysis
Research Areas: Philosophy and Psychoanalysis

Brendan S. Gillon

Research Areas: Semantics and Pragmatics, extending to a number of neighboring fields - Syntax and Morphology (within Linguistics) and Logic and Ontology (within Philosophy)

Jacob T. Levy

Political Science
Research Areas: Multiculturalism, nationalism, liberalism, pluralism, theories of justice, non-ideal theory.

Robert Wisnovsky

Institute of Islamic Studies
Research Areas: History of Islamic thought, with an emphasis on the origins, development and influence of the philosophy of Avicenna (Ibn Sīnā, d. 1037).

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