SSHRC Insight Grant Project




Countering Religious Extremism through Education in Multicultural Canada. Insight

Grant, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). ($292,048)

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Ratna Ghosh

This Canada-wide study will invite four high schools in each of the cities of Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto to participate in this exploratory research project.  Through research across schools in these four major Canadian cities, this study will explore the concerns and perspectives of students, teachers and parents with regard to violent extremism.  The study asks:  How do students, teachers, administrators, and parents understand violent extremism?  In general, do students have voice?  Do they discuss topics related to violent extremism?  Do some students feel marginalized?  Why do a few “tune out” even when they are not marginalized? Do teachers discuss topics related to violent extremism? How do parents deal with sudden or gradual changes in their children's attitudes and behaviours?

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