Orthopaedic Trauma

The trauma division is a discrete entity with protected operating time and clinic space. Currently there are 6 trauma days per week at the Montreal General Hospital. 1200-1500 trauma acute cases are operated on per year. The trauma faculty also have a second subspecialty practice for which they have 1-2 extra operating days per week. This represents another 1000 cases per year within the trauma division. Many of these cases are tertiary care level trauma-related reconstructions.

Drs Harvey and Henderson have a laboratory on campus in the bone and periodontal research laboratory (located in the McGill Genomics center). This research is centered on fracture healing and augmentation. A multidisciplinary team from nanoengineering, cell biologists and mechanical engineers allows a comprehensive approach to fracture healing, implant design and cell modification in order to identify and market novel orthopaedic technology. Access to Instron mechano-hydraulic testing apparatus and micro CT as well as other tools facilitates the research process. (Examples- Chitosan Gene Delivery for Fracture Healing Augmentation - FGF-18 Use for Fracture Defects - Regulation of stem cell commitment to osteogenesis)

Basic Science Collaboration:

The trauma division has access and relationships with several laboratories on campus and in the MUHC research institute. Dr Seguin’s work on AVN has gathered interested followers with major funding for the lab. Thomas Steffen operates the Orthopaedic Research Lab that has an interest in biomechanical work (spine and trauma) and has technical support and engineering expertise that facilitates biomechanical research. (Examples- New Insights in the Pathogenesis of Glucocorticoid-Induced Avascular Necrosis: Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression in a Rat Model.Arthritis Research & Therapy, 2010 Jun 25;12(3):R124.; Global patterns of cis-variation in human cells revealed by high-density allelic expression analysis” Nature Genetics 2009 Nov; 41 (11): 1216-22.; Magnesium-sputtered titanium for the formation of bioactive coatings” Acta Biomaterialia 2009 Jul; 5 (6): 2338-47.)


Clinical outcomes research is performed with a transdisciplinary group.


Dr. Mitchell Bernstein
Appointments at: Montreal General Hospital, Montreal Children's Hospital, Shriners Hospitals for Children
Fellowship training: Trauma / Limb-Lengthening

Dr. Greg K. Berry
Appointments at: Montreal General Hospital
Fellowship training: Trauma / Foot and Ankle

Dr. Edward J. Harvey
Appointments at: Montreal General Hospital
Fellowship training: Trauma / Upper Extremity

Dr. Rudy Reindl
Appointments at: Montreal General Hospital
Fellowship training: Trauma / Spine

Dr. Max Talbot
Appointments at: Montreal General Hospital
Fellowship training: Trauma / Epidemiology / Military Medicine 

Affiliated Trauma Faculty
Dr. Peter Jarzem
Dr. Paul A. Martineau
Dr. Jean A. Ouellet

Current Research Staff

Janet E Henderson (PhD), Professor Medicine & Surgery,
Director Orthopaedic Research, McGill University
Site Coordinator, Research Institute-MUHC
Montreal General Hospital, Room A5.169
1650 Cedar Ave, Montreal H3G 1A4
Tel: 514 934-1934 ext. 43358

Affiliated Research Staff

Dr. Suzanne Morin
Dr. Chantal Seguin

Research Students

Bouzinae Azeddine, Ph.D - Postdoctoral Fellow
JTN Wong Laboratory
740 Docteur Penfield Av, Room 2300
Montreal, Qc H3A 1A4

Chan (Fred) Gao MD- PhD Candidate
Postdoctoral Fellow
JTN Wong Laboratory
740 Docteur Penfield Av, Room 2300
Montreal, Qc H3A 1A4

Masters Students

Alberto Carli MD
Feras Waly MD
Brad Sullivan HBSc
Saad Al Qahtani MBBS
Khalid Alsheikh MBBS 

Recent Students

Justin Drager HBSc
Bogdan Matache

McGill Skeletal Health Outcomes Group


Core group

Suzanne Morin MD
Marie Hudson MD
Ed Harvey MD MSc
Rudy Reindl MD
Greg Berry MD

Affiliated group

Reggie Hamdy MD
Elham Ramie MD
Janet Henderson PhD
Jean Ouellet MD


Pure Basic Research

Osteoporotic fracture healing model 

Adjuvant healing therapies for osteoporosis: Harvey, Henderson

Bench to the Bedside Research

Hip fracture: Steffen, Ortho group (Reindl, Berry, Harvey)
Bone microarchitecture relationship to hip fractures: Kremer, Ortho group

Epithelial cell involvement in bone disease: Seguin, Harvey

Clinical Research 
Comparison of Hip Fracture Fixation (Canadian multicenter): Ortho group, epidemiology group

Comparison of distal radius fracture devices: Ortho group, epidemiology group

Osteoporosis studies: Morin, Hudson

Geriatric Spine Outcomes: Ouellet, Reindl, Epidemiology group

Proximal humerus fixation in osteoporotic bone: Ortho group, Steffen

Epi-Database Tools (real time online dbase studies): Epidemiology group, Spine (Ouellet, Reindl), Ortho group

Arthroplasty devices: Harvey


Education processes in orthopedics and trauma are being investigated.

Examples- Investigation of a tool to teach biomechanical principles about the hip

Current Multi Centre Projects in Trauma Group

Multicenter Clinical Trials Based in McGill Trauma Group 
Distal Radius ORIF versus Ex Fix versus Kapandji Techniques

MultiCenter Trials Participation 
Fixation Devices for Distal Femur Fractures

Clavicle Fractures- ORIF versus Conservative Management

FLOW study for Open Fractures


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