Orthopedic Trauma Fellowship

Length: 1 year
Number of positions available: 
Fellowship Director: 
Dr. E. J. Harvey
For a complete description of this fellowship, please follow this link: Orthopedic Trauma Fellowship

Trauma Service

The fellow:

  • Will assist senior residents and junior with trauma care on the team. Will act as chief resident when he is not present.
  • Communicate with trauma outcome database coordinator Fiona Houghton, regarding injury and treatment classification on service patients, as well as studies underway.
  • Will be first staff call when trauma staff is on call and communicate with staff pertinent cases.
  • Attend all assigned clinics on time and arrange coverage for OR cases when necessary.
  • Supervise elective admission urgent care for all trauma staff.
  • Document involvement in case with diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Responsible for dictation of operative reports before leaving operating room.
  • Be present at all teaching conferences
  • Organize and present teaching and working conferences.
  • Supervise more junior residents education process.
  • Manage the trauma list.
Fellow Senior Resident Junior Resident
Leg Crush salvage
Complex intraarticular fractures
Simple intraarticular fractures
Complex nails
Hip fractures
Simple nails
Pelvis Acetabular fractures
SI screws
Ex-fix placement
Opening limited exposures
Shoulder Glenoid fractures Proximal humerus fractures Closed reductions
Arm Complex intraarticular fractures Long bone fractures Distal radius percutaneous pinning
Hand Phalanx ORIF Metacarpal ORIF Closed reductions

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