Dentoalveolar Surgery

The scope of dentoalveolar surgery for the oral and maxillofacial surgeon ranges from basic extractions, impacted wisdom teeth, management of maxillofacial infections, preprosthetic and reconstructive surgery. With respect to dentoalveolar surgery our focus is to treat the most medically compromised patients who cannot otherwise be treated in the community, such as those patients undergoing head and neck radiation, solid organ transplantation or bone marrow transplant.

The oral and maxillofacial surgery team routinely receives referrals from primary care physicians, community dentists and emergency physicians in western Quebec for the management of potential life threatening maxillofacial and salivary gland infections.

With respect to preprosthetic and reconstructive surgery, we offer a multitude of procedures that range from vestibuloplasty with skin grafts, to ridge or sinus augmentation with bone grafts to facilitate a removable prosthesis or future implant placement. Our scope of practice, multi-disciplinary teams and high volume of surgery in an academic center provides an important service for our community as well as residents in training.




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