Clinical Research

Clinical research within the department is carried out throughout the various subspecialties and in the affiliated hospitals using a variety of research methods spanning from hospital based cohort and case control studies to large population-based longitudinal studies and multicenter clinical trials, our investigators seek to carry out high impact research of direct clinical impact. Aside from direct research outcomes, our objective includes developing researchers of tomorrow through structured programs for the supervision of students in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate medical education.

Gynecologic Oncology Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Gynecology Obstetrics and Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Haim Abenhaim
Lucy Gilbert
Olga Basso
Walter Gotlieb
Kris Jardon
Susie Lau
Shannon Salvador

William Buckett
Ezgi Demirtas
Robert Hemmings
Michael Dahan
Patricia Monnier
Shauna Reinblatt
Seang Lin Tan
Togas Tulandi

Audrey Gilbert
Hing-Sang Hum
Srinivasan Krishnamurthy
Maryse Larouche
Fady Mansour
Markus Martin
Lisa Merovitz
Violane Marcoux
Togas Tulandi
Jens-Erik Walter

Haim Abenhaim
Alice Benjamin
Richard Brown
Deborah Cohen
Amira El-Messidi
Robert Gagnon
Lawrence Koby
Angela Mallozzi
Louise Miner
Vincent Ponette
Roberta Shear


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