Program Evaluation

The Accreditation and Education Quality Improvement Office’s program evaluation team supports the development and implementation of high-level evaluation studies and continuous quality improvement plans for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The program evaluation team can help you better understand your program, intervention, or activity through supporting the development of data collection methods, tools, data analysis, and report generation. Their work ensures that programs closely adhere to or exceed the standards set by the various accrediting bodies.

Program Evaluation

The goal of program evaluation is to provide relevant, high-value information to inform program planning and decision making with the goal of continuous quality improvement. Evaluation activities are guided by comprehensive, program specific evaluation plans that include a variety of components, including logic models, evaluation matrices, and implementation timelines.

Continuous Quality Improvement

The goal of continuous quality improvement is routine monitoring of program delivery and outcomes to gather information about how the program is operating and identify areas for improvement.


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