Group meeting in a NMW meeting room

“We were so pleased to launch the New Models of Work pilot project on October 4, 2021,” says Principal Suzanne Fortier. “This exciting initiative is a means for the University to explore new ways of working in a thoughtful and structured manner, that will best serve the University’s teaching and research mission.”


About the New Models of Work

The New Models of Work facilitates changing work realities by exploring best practices for hybrid work arrangements, new work cultures and workspaces. 

The pilot project

McGill and its New Models of Work Project Office are proactively preparing for the future – examining themes like hybrid work arrangements, enabling technologies, and innovative workspaces to best support our new realities. Informed by guiding principles, we will help the University's transition towards new ways of working that best serve the University's teaching and research mission.



Work Culture

Creating a new hybrid work culture includes a wide range of considerations, including employee well-being, employee experience and the development of effectiveness of hybrid work practices. Exploring a long-term solution together with pilot participants and partners, the New Models of Work will support McGill University’s mission.





Together the New Models of Work team, participants and university partners will be exploring many facets of hybrid work arrangements, as well as the necessary elements required for success as the pilot project is implemented.





The New Models of Work workspaces and overall office environment strives to create and establish a flexible, engaging and collaborative environment for employees, integrating both on-site and off-site work.

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