Postdoctoral Fellows


Dr. Martha Lopez-Canul

Postdoctoral Fellow (2017 - )

PhD: Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico
MSc: Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico

Project: Melatonin ligands in pain

Email: martha.lopezcanul [at]
 Antonio Inserra

Postdoctoral fellow (July 2019 - )

PhD: Flinders University at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (Mind and Brain Theme), Adelaide, Australia
M.Sc Biotechnology: Australian National University, Canberra
B.Sc Biotechnology: Universita di Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy

Project: LSD and thalamocortical circuitry

Email: antonio.inserra [at]



PhD and Master's Students

Luca Posa

PhD Candidate, Psychiatry: McGill University (2015 - )

PharmD: University of Bologna, Italy
BSc Biology: University of Bologna, Italy

Project: Interaction between the opioid and melatonergic systems in the antinociceptive properties of novel selective MT2 receptor agonists

Email: luca.posa [at]




Minza Haque

PhD Candidate, Integrated Program in Neuroscience: McGill University (2021-)

MSc Biochemistry: McGill University
BA Biochemistry: Mount Holyoke College, USA

Project: Exploring the relationship between eukaryotic translation and the mechanism of action of psychedelics

Email: minza.haque [at]



Tommy Markopoulos

Master's student, Integrated Program in Neuroscience: McGill University (2020-)

B.Sc Neuroscience: McGill University

Project: LSD and Melatonin ligands in sociability and anxiety

Email: athanasios.markopoulos [at]




Leora Pearl-Dowler

Masters Student, Integrated Program in Neuroscience: McGill University (Fall 2019- )

B.Sc Psychology: McGill University, 2019

Project: CBD in analgesia and pain circuitry

Email: leora.pearl-dowler [at]


Masters Student, Integrated Program in Neuroscience: McGill University (Winter 2021- )

B.Sc Psychology: Concordia University, 2020

Project: Psilocybin in sociability and anxiety

Email: michael.pileggi [at]






Undergraduate Students

Anahita Oveisi

Supervised NSCI 396 project

Project: Cannabidiol in symptomatic insomnia caused by neuropathic pain

Email: anahita.oveisi [at]

Supervised COGS 444 project

Project: Melatonin compounds in sleep and computerization of methods of analysis

Email: jacques.singer [at]



Emily Grant

Supervised NSCI 396 project

Project: Mouse behavioral model of antidepressant effects of LSD and effects on neurotransmission

Email: emily.grant2 [at]






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