Postdoctoral Fellows

Danilo pictureDr. Danilo De Gregorio

Postdoctoral Fellow (2016 - )

PhD Neuropharmacology: Second University of Naples, Italy
PharmD: University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Projects: Hallucinogens and mood disorders


Email: danilo.degregorio [at]

Martha picDr. Martha Lopez-Canul

Postdoctoral Fellow (2017 - )
PhD: Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico
Masters: Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico
Projects: Melatonin ligands in pain




Email: martha.lopezcanul [at]




PhD and Masters Students

Luca pictureLuca Posa

PhD Candidate, Psychiatry: McGill University (2015 - )

PharmD: University of Bologna, Italy
BSc Biology: University of Bologna, Italy
Projects: Interaction between the opioid and melatonergic systems in the antinociceptive properties of novel selective MT2 receptor agonists



Email: luca.posa [at]

Antonio pictureAntonio Farina

Masters Student, Integrated Program in Neuroscience: McGill University (2018 - )

M.S Pharmacy: University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy

Projects: Antinociceptive and anti-insomnia properties of cannabidiol and THC in a rat model of neuropathic pain

Email: antonio.farina [at]  







Undergraduate Students

Matteus pictureMatthew Kaba Aboud

Undergraduate Student (2018 - )

B.Sc Pharmacology: McGill University, 2018

Project: Cannabidiol for the treatment of neuropathic pain and mood disorders





Email: matthew.aboud [at]



Elena picQianzi He
Undergraduate Student (2018 - )

B.Sc Neuroscience: McGill University (in progress)

Project: The Role of the New Melatonin MT1 Receptor Partial Agonist (UCM871) in the Sleep/Wake Cycle in Rats



Email: qianzi.he [at]





Lab Staff

Justine pictureJustine Enns

Research Assistant (2018 - )

B.Sc Neuroscience: McGill University, 2018

Projects: Hallucinogens in the treatment of mood disorders, and pharmacological treatments for neuropathic pain

Email: justine.enns [at]

Erika picErika Gentile

Clinical Research Assistant (2019 - )

Ph.D Clinical Psychology (in progress): McGill University

B.Sc with Honors Psychology: McGill University

Projects: Cannabidiol as a treatment of neuropathic pain and associated mood disorders; neurofibromatosis and anxiety

Email: erika.gentile [at]