Current MHW Ambassadors

My Healthy Workplace Ambassadors are staff volunteers who play an important role in improving the health and well-being of the university’s employees. The Ambassadors are passionate about the My Healthy Workplace initiative and inform their colleagues about McGill’s wellness programs and resources, encourage co-workers to take advantage of these services, and champion the creation of a healthy workplace culture in their unit. They are fully supported by the Healthy Workplace Committee and the working group in all of their endeavours.

Name Unit/Department/Faculty
christina.angelopoulos2 [at] (Christina Angelopoulos) Language and Intercultural Communication
amy.arnott [at] (Amy Arnott) Human Resources
eyal.baruch [at] (Eyal Baruch) Athletics and Recreation
LAURA.BATTISTA [at] MCGILL.CA (Laura Battista) Enrolment Services
elena.bouchard [at] (Elena Bouchard) Desautels Faculty of Management
jo.boucher [at] (Johanna Boucher) Financial Services
raffaella.bruno [at] (Raffaella Bruno) Department of Mathematics and Statistics
marianne.casey [at] (Marianne Casey) AEC #11, Faculty of Medicine
ross.commodari [at] (Ross Commodari) Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
melanie.conlon [at] (Melanie Conlon) Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
anoushka.dabeedial [at] (Anoushka Dabeedial) Application Services
audrey.derepentigny [at] (Audrey de Repentigny) Student Services
martha.elvir [at] (Martha Elvir) Facilities Management and Ancillary Services
vanessa.fabris [at] (Vanessa Fabris) Enrolment Services
JOCELYN.GILBERT [at] MCGILL.CA (Jocelyn Gilbert) Enrolment Services
chantal.grignon [at] (Chantal Grignon) Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
jane.hawes [at] (Jane Hawes-Russell) Faculty of Science
sandrine.donkpegan [at] (Sandrine Hoindo-Donkpegan) Teaching and Learning Services
jonas.jeanty [at] (Jonas Jeanty) Total Compensation, Human Resources
kimberly.john [at] (Kimberly John) Faculty of Medicine
suzana.rodriguez [at] (Suzana Kafadar de Rodriguez) Faculty of Medicine
konstantina.kafantaris [at] (Tina Kafantaris) Faculty of Science
kennedy.kanyangonda [at] (Kennedy Kanyang'onda) AEC #4, Faculty of Medicine
joanne.kaplo [at] (Joanne Kaplo) Enrolment Services
lana.kobeici [at] (Lana Kobeici) Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine
melanie.kozlan [at] (Melanie Kozlan) Service Point, Student Services
anastasia.koutouzov [at] (Anastasia Koutouzov) Scholarships and Student Aid, Student Services
mary.lanni [at] (Mary Lanni-Campoli) Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture
kathryn.livick [at] (Kathryn Livick) Faculty of Medicine
annie.lussier [at] (Annie Lussier) Redpath Museum
michelle.maillet [at] (Michelle Maillet) Department of Geography
valerie.maurer [at] (Valerie Maurer) Martlet House
valerie.mcconnell [at] (Valerie McConnell) Faculty of Education
wesley.mccoy [at] (Wesley McCoy) Desautels Faculty of Management
rowan.miles [at] (Rowan Miles) AEC #11, Faculty of Medicine
mitchell.miller [at] (Mitch Miller) Faculty of Education
veronica.nahorniak [at] (Veronica Nahorniak) Faculty of Medicine
lori.novak [at] (Lori Novak) Office of the Vice-President (Administration and Finance)
dan.oconnell [at] (Dan O'Connell) IT Communications, IT Services
nadina.paraschuk [at] (Nadina Paraschuk) School of Physical and Occupational Therapy
merika.ramundo [at] (Merika Ramundo) McGill Libraries
tracy.roach [at] (Tracy Roach) Schulich School of Music
mona.sabouri [at] (Mona Sabouri) Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME), Faculty of Medicine [at] (Genevieve St-Arnault) Schulich School of Music
sarah.stack [at] (Sarah Stack) Faculty of Medicine
zach.suhl [at] (Zach Suhl) Food and Dining Services
lisa.thiess [at] (Lisa Thiess) Mining and Material, Faculty of Engineering
karen.toroyan [at] (Karen Tororyan) Faculty of Dentistry
joseph.vacirca [at] (Joseph Vacirca) Faculty of Medicine
jan.walker [at] (Janet Walker) Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
melanie.walkty [at] (Melanie Walkty) Career Planning Service
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