On-line Tutorial in Research Ethics

© 2004 Franca Cantini, Carolyn Ells, Marie Hirtle, Sébastian Lormeau  (Groupe FEE)

This on-line tutorial was developed specifically for research ethics board (REB) members and support staff who work in the institutions of the Quebec health and social services network. While it focuses on those issues and texts that are of particular concern in the Quebec context, numerous pertinent national- and international-level issues and texts in the regulation of ethical research are addressed. The tutorial is available in French and English. A certificate of completion is provided upon completion of each module on-line. A glossary, reference lists, and other resources are available on the on-line tutorial.

MQHRG is proud of its connection to this resource. Dr. Carolyn Ells is one of the developers of the tutorial and Dr. Lucyna Lach allowed tutorial developers to adapt and include unpublished tables she prepared on establishing rigour in qualitative research (appendix 1 of module 2.2). Both Ells and Lach are MQHRG members. Other MQHRG members provided helpful input into how qualitative methodologies would be described in the tutorial. Qualitative methodologies, issues, and examples are integrated throughout this on-line tutorial.

Outline of Modules:
Level 1: Module 1 Basic Training
Level 2: Module 2.1 Specific Training for REB Support Staff
Module 2.2 Specific Training for REB Members
Level 3: Module 3.1 Ethical Analysis of Benefits and Harms in Research
Module 3.2 Issues Pertinent to Certain Types of Research Participants: Children, Incompetent Adults and Persons in Situations of Vulnerability
Module 3.3 Ethics and Regulation of Clinical trials
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