Research Areas

McGill Otolaryngology Sciences Laboratory, previously known as McGill Auditory Sciences Laboratory, originally focused on diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss. Today, MOSL focuses on many areas, including but not limited to: auditory sciences, treatment of airway diseases, treatment of salivary gland diseases. The full list of research areas are given below.

Auditory Sciences

  1. Diagnosis of hearing loss and newborn hearing screening

  2. Evaluation of noise induced hearing loss in animal models

  3. In-vivo animal model testing of drug ototoxicity

  4. Pharmacogenomic evaluation of platinum ototoxicity

  5. Prevention of radiation induced hearing loss

  6. Surgical innovations and stability measures of bone anchored hearing implant

Airway Diseases

  1. Complete circumferential tracheal replacement using a 3D-printed stem cell coated trachea: a rabbit model

  2. Design, construction and evaluation of implants for vocal fold alteration and reconstruction

Salivary Glands

  1. Prevention of xerostomia and sialorrhea in animal models

  2. Treatment and diagnosis of Sialendoscopy and pediatric salivary gland disorders

  3. Treatment of keloid scars in animal models


  1. Botulinum toxin usage

  2. Treatment of Frey's Syndrome

  3. Treatment of Sjorgen's Syndrome

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