Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Graduate Diploma (Mining Engineering)

The Graduate Diploma is a one-year, course-based, 30-credit degree in Mining Engineering. It is open to professionals from industry, engineers and scientists, who wish to receive professional development education in mining engineering in a formal manner. The program includes a seminar course (6 credits), a minimum of six graduate level courses (18 credits), and a project (6 credits).

Masters of Engineering (Project)

This program consists of 45 credits of coursework, seminars and projects to provide basic training in a particular field. The mixture of courses are selected in consultation with the student to provide the student with the desired background. A minimum of 12 course credits are required to be taken in graduate-level courses from the department. In addition, 6-15 project credits from the department must also be taken. The balance of the credits may be taken from the department or other departments on campus.

Masters of Science (Thesis)

In this program, a student will learn to carry out, organize and present research in a professional manner. This program consists of 45 credits. A preponderance of these credits, 27, are for thesis research. Four, graduate-level courses at 3 credits each are also required as well as a 6-credit seminar course.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The primary objective in this program is to train a student to become a leader in their field: to show familiarity with that field, to carry out, to organize original research and to contribute to the knowledge base. With this in mind, a majority of the student’s time is spent in research though some classes are still required.

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