Our Sponsors

MI4 would like to recognize the financial support of the following sponsors.

University health executives and Principal Suzanne Fortier

MI4 launch event on April 26, 2018.

Left to Right: MUHC Foundation president Julie Quenneville; Doggone Foundation board member Susan Avon; MI4 Co-Director Marcel Behr; Principal Suzanne Fortier; Chairman of the MUHC Board of Directors Peter Kruyt; Doggone Foundation Executive Director Paul Marchand; MUHC Interim President and Executive Director Martine Alfonso; Vice-Principal (Health Affairs) and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine David Eidelman; MI4 Director Don Sheppard; RI-MUHC Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer Bruce Mazer; and Vice-Dean of Life Sciences Philippe Gros. (Photo: Asbed.com)


McGill Press Release Regarding Launch of MI4

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