Listening to One Another is a community-driven and culturally adapted program for Indigenous families. The program originates out of a collaboration between First Nations Communities in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and research teams based out of McGill University, The University of Lincoln, Nebraska, and the University of Manitoba. The program is rooted in the principle that family wellbeing is a cornerstone of individual and community wellness. For that reason, each session includes activities designed for the family unit – for instance, meals, discussions, and games – as well as separate activities for youths and adults. Topics covered include community history and pride, emotional regulation, bullying, substance use, among others. A unique feature of this program is that each community culturally adapts the program to meet the community’s needs and local context. The 14 sessions of the family program and the 6 sessions of the school program are delivered within the community, usually by a local facilitator in partnership with an Elder.  


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