Capstone Projects

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Interested in learning how our students can work with you to design a medical technology, medical device, or multidisciplinary project? 

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Check out our current selection of multidisciplinary and medical technology and device design projects!

Capstone projects are a wonderful way for students typically in their fourth and final year of undergraduate studies to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and skills by working in a team on a design project. Our projects start in September and end in the beginning of April. Students select their top project choices. Once students and projects are matched, students begin work on the design during the fall semester before creating its prototype in the winter semester. Projects culminate in McGill Design Day where students, when unrestricted by a project NDA, present their projects to the public and to judges who are members of the industry and academia.

Our projects have a focus on medical devices and technologies, and also comprise of multidisciplinary projects in which students from different departments can work together on a project. We accept project proposals from professors, companies, and student teams.

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