Medtec Design promotes engineering design through projects involving health, medical technologies and medical devices.

About Us


The NSERC/McGill Design Engineering Chair for Interdisciplinary Innovation of Medical Technologies (Medtec Design) is committed to providing the next generation of undergraduate Engineering students with an innovative, multidisciplinary environment where they can learn the hard and soft skills necessary to smoothly transition into the workforce. To achieve this goal, we have focused on the innovation and development of medical technologies and medical devices, as well as anything related to health.


Who We Work With

Hosted at McGill University's Faculty of Engineering, we collaborate with the Faculties of Medicine and Education in creating opportunities for students to better understand this interdisciplinary field. Every year, we have different company sponsors that provide our students with guidance and experience through a design engineering capstone project. These projects are determined by the needs of the sponsoring companies, and students are guided by both an academic advisor and a company supervisor throughout the entire process.


Capstone Design Engineering Projects

The annual Capstone Design Project, a team-based project identifying and providing a solution to a known engineering issue, is a great way for students to explore the design of medical technologies and devices. The projects provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary team while working on design projects that require adherence to appropriate standards and regulations. These are presented at the annual McGill Design Day in the beginning of April, where the top three medical technology projects are recognized with awards.

There are typically 4 students per team. These students can be from the departments of Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering. Teams can also comprise of students from different departments. 

Every year, we have a mix of projects that come from student teams, academia, and companies, all of whom are looking to work with our students to design a prototype or to improve upon a previous design. 


For More Information

To request more information about our initiative, please visit our contact page

Industry Partners

An integral part of Medtec Design is our collaboration with companies working directly in the industry. We are fortunate to work with different partners every year. 

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