Marc-André Renaud

Name: Marc-André Renaud, MSc

Level at MPU: PhD

Email: marc-andre.renaud [at]

Supervisor(s): Dr. Jan Seuntjens

Research interests: Treatment planning


Research Summary

Modern linear accelerators allow for incredibly complex treatment plan deliveries involving both gantry and couch motion to obtain an optimal dose distribution. Unfortunately, there are no known methods of obtaining the optimal treatment plan from the large parameter space available to us. The aim of my project is to incorporate as many degrees of freedom offered by the linear accelerator into an automatic treatment planning workflow, while keeping optimisation time reasonable. To that end, fast GPU-based dose calculation engines for both electrons and photons were created. In addition, a trajectory optimisation framework able to accomodate any treatment modality is being developed to serve as a critical tool to create treatment plans of varying complexity and compare them. The software developed is being validated on known photon trajectories and is also enabling the optimisation of novel radiotherapy techniques such as rotating shield brachytherapy (RSBT). After a validation period, we will then move to our main goal of generating non-coplanar trajectories incorporating both electron and photon components optimised under the same plan.


Key publications

  1. Renaud, Marc‐André, Monica Serban, and Jan Seuntjens. "Robust mixed electron-photon radiation therapy optimisation." Medical physics (2018), submitted.
  2. Renaud, Marc‐André, Monica Serban, and Jan Seuntjens. "On mixed electron–photon radiation therapy optimization using the column generation approach." Medical physics 44.8 (2017): 4287-4298.
  3. Renaud, Marc-André, David Roberge, and Jan Seuntjens. "Latent uncertainties of the precalculated track Monte Carlo method." Medical physics 42.1 (2015): 479-490.
  4. Alexander, A., Soisson, E., Renaud, M. A., & Seuntjens, J. (2012). Direct aperture optimization for FLEC-based MERT and its application in mixed beam radiotherapy. Medical physics, 39(8), 4820-4831.



Sylvia Fedoruk prize for best medical physics paper in Canada (2018)

Doctoral Research Scholarship (B2) - FRQNT (2013-2016)

Graduate Excellence Fellowship


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