More detailed information about the promotions process at McGill can be found on the Academic Affairs website.

Below are some documents as discussed at our Moving Up the Academic Ladder workshop.

Overview of Promotions
PDF icon promotion_at_mcgill.pdf

McGill Standard CV
Microsoft Office document icon McGill Standard CV format

Teaching Portfolio
PDF icon teaching_portfolio.pdf

PDF icon teaching_portfolio_appendix_a.pdf

Additional Information
Teaching Portfolios on the TLS Website

DRAFT Benchmarks
PDF icon appendix_1_possible_benchmarks_clinical_departments_srb_docx_revised.pdf

PDF icon appendix_2_possible_benchmarks_basic_science_departments_and_basic_scientists_in_clinical_departments_2.pdf

PDF icon appendix_3_possible_benchmarks_for_professional_schools_srb_docx_revised.pdf

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