MACAS 2019

Mathematics and its Connections to the Arts and Sciences
McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
June 18 - 21 2019

MACAS 2019

We are happy to announce, that in 2019, MACAS will again take place in Canada – this time in Montreal, at McGill University.

MACAS-2019 targets researchers and educators from mathematics, sciences, arts, humanities, philosophy, educational sciences and other disciplines that are intrinsically connected to mathematics. Previous MACAS-meetings have shown that there is more than one way of approaching these connections in research and practice. This is why by focusing specifically on the theme “MACAS in the Digital Era” thus aiming to take a closer look at future challenges and the role of interdisciplinary mathematical education in the digital era , we are open to a broader spectrum of contributions. Hence, the following topics are also of interest for MACAS:

  • Theoretical investigation of the relation between mathematics, arts and sciences.
  • Curricular approaches to integrate mathematics and sciences.
  • The importance of mathematical modelling and interdisciplinarity for studying and learning mathematics.
  • The importance of arts and humanities for the understanding of the connections between arts, humanities and mathematics in ordinary everyday situations.
  • Historical and intercultural dimensions of studying mathematics.
  • Critical issues in STEM and STEAM education.
  • Mathematical creativity from interdisciplinary perspective.
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