The Committee

The Award Committee of the McGill University Faculty of Medicine chooses the investigators to be honoured and is assisted in its task by an international panel of consultants who are distinguished scientists in the fields of medicine, pathology, physiology, pharmacology and surgery. Members of the Louis and Artur Lucian Award Committee are:


Terry Hébert, Ph.D.
Chair, McGill University, Canada


Céline Fiset, Ph.D.
Université de Montréal, Canada


Dan M. Roden, M.D.
Vanderbilt School of Medicine, USA


Louise Pilote, M.D., Ph.D.
McGill University, Canada


Rhian M. Touyz, MBBCh, Ph.D.
McGill University, Canada


George Thanassoulis, M.D., MSc.
McGill University, Canada

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