Selected publications on life histories and health

Social Determinants of Health

Publications Using Longitudinal Analysis:
Phuong, Do. 2009. "The Dynamics of Income and Neighborhood Context for Population Health: Do Long-Term Measures of Socioeconomic Status Explain More of the Black/White Health Disparity than Single-Point-in-Time Measures?" Social Science and Medicine, 68(8):1368-1375.
Wickrama, K.A.S., Frederick O. Lorenz and Lora Ebert Wallace. "Family Influence on Physical Health During the Middle Years: the Case of Onset of Hypertention." Journal of Marriage and Family, 63(2):527-539.
Other articles:
Epstein, David, Dolores Jiménez-Rubio, Peter C. Smith and Marc Suhrcke. 2009. "Social Determinants of Health: An Economic Perspective." Health Economics, 18(5):495-502.
Leon, David and Walt, Gill. 2001. "Poverty, Inequality and Health: An International Perspective." Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Marmot, Michael. 2004. "The Status Syndrome: How Social Standing Affects Our Health and Longevity." New York (NY): Times Books.

Economic Determinants of Health

Publications Using Longitudinal Analysis:
Camero, Lisa and Jenny Williams. 2009. "Is the Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Health Stronger For Older Children in Developing Countries?" Demography, 46(2):303-324.
McCalman, Janet. 2008. "Inequalities of Gender and Health 1857-1985: A Long-run Perspective from the Melbourne Lyin-In Hospital Birth Cohort." Australian Journal of Social Issues, 43(1):29-44.
Other articles:
Ross, N. 2004. "What Have We Learned Studying Income Inequality and Population Health?" Canadian Institute for Health Information.

Sexual Behavior and Marriage

Publications Using Longitudinal Analysis:
Diekmann, Andreas and Kurt Schmidheiny. 2001. "Education and Marriage. An Event-History Analysis of Swiss Family Biographies." Schweizerische Zeitschrift Sozioloie, 27(2):241-254
Dupre, Matthew E. and Sarah O. Meadows. "Disaggregating the Effects of Marital Trajectories on Health." Journal of Family Issues, 28(5):623-652.
Tambashe, Oleko B. and David Shapiro. 1996. "Family Background and Early Life Course Transitions in Kinshasa." Journal of Marriage and the Family, 58(4):1024-1037.
Zabin, Laurie Schwab, Mark R. Emerson, Li Nan, Lou Chaohua, Gao Ershen, Nguyen Huu Minh, Yi-Li Chuang, Baai Shyun Hurng, David Dishai and Robert W. Blum. 2009. "Levels of Change in Adolescent Sexual Behavior in Three Asian Cities." Studies in Family Planning, 40(1):1-12.
Biddlecom, Ann, Richard Gregory, Cynthia B. Lloyd and Barbara S. Mensch. 2008. "Associations Between Premarital Sex and Leaving School in four Sub-Saharan African Countries." Studies in Family Planning, 39(4):337-350.

Health Effects Over the Life Course

Publications Using Event History Analysis:
Davey-Smith, G., D. Gunnell and Y. Ben-Shlomo. 2001. "Life-course approaches to socio-economic differentials in cause-specific adult mortality" Pp. 88-87 in David Leon and Gill Walt (eds.), Poverty, Inequality and Health: An International Perspective. Oxford (UK): Oxford University Press.
Dupre, Matthew E. 2008. "Educational Differences in Health Risks and Illness Over the Life Course: a Test of Cumulative Disadvantage Theory". Social Science Research, 37(4):1253-1266.
Grundy, Emily and Cecilia Tomassini. 2005. "Fertility History and Health in Later Life: A Record Linkage Study in England and Wales." Social Science and Medicine, 61(1):217-228.
Hong, Rathavuth, James E. Banta and James K. Kamau. 2007. "Effect of Maternal HIV Infection on Child Survival in Ghana." Journal of Community Health, 32(1):21-36.
Shooshtari, Shahin, Verena Menec and Robert Tate. 2007. "Comparing Predictors of Positive and Negative Self-Rated Health Between Younger (25-54) and Older (55+) Canadian Adults: A Longitudinal Study of Well-being." Reserach on Aging, 29(6):512-554.
Zeng, Yi. 2007. "The Association of childhood Socioeconomic Conditions with Healthy Longevity at the Oldest-Old Ages in China." Demography, 44(3):497-518.

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