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Law Admissions

The McGill Law experience

Our students come here with diverse backgrounds and interests. Students Christie Bates, Jared Eeles, Sunny Yang, Jeanelle Dundas, Jérémy Boulanger-Bonnelly, and Kim Ton-That explain why they chose to come study at McGill’s Faculty of Law, be it an opportunity for intellectual exploration, a desire to study Common Law and civil law – in English and in French – or a love for the city of Montreal.

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Studying Law at McGill

McGill Law students hail from across Canada and around the world. They speak an astonishing array of languages, have varied scholarly backgrounds, wide-ranging life experiences, and are deeply engaged in their communities. They come together in their desire to study in an environment that favours knowledge and dialogue.

Undergraduate studies in law

For information on studies leading to
a first university law degree (our B.C.L./LL.B. program),
see Prospective undergraduate students.

Graduate studies in law

For information on advanced studies leading to a doctoral (D.C.L.), master's (LL.M.) or graduate certificate, see Prospective Graduate Students.