Executive Council of the James McGill Society


Patron:  Principal Suzanne Fortier

Mr. Christopher Lyons
Rare Books & Special Collections

Prof. Jarrett Rudy
Past President
Department of History & Classical Studies

Prof. Blaine Baker
Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Law

Ms. Ingrid Birker
Redpath Museum

Mr. Gordon Burr
McGill University Archives, Retired

Ms. Susan Button
Honorary Secretary-Treasurer
University Advancement, Retired

Dr. Gérald Cadet
Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Prof. David Covo
School of Architecture

Mr. Ron Critchley
Desautels Faculty of Management

Dr. Richard Fraser
Faculty of Medicine

Ms. Jennifer Garland
Communications Secretary & Webmaster
Rare Books & Special Collections



Mr. John Hobbins
Librarian Emeritus

Mr. Yves Lapointe
McGill University Archives

Prof. Laura Madokoro
Department of History & Classical Studies

Prof. Peter McNally
Executive Secretary
History of McGill Project

Dr. Desmond Morton
Professor Emeritus, Department of History & Classical Studies

Ms. Gwendolyn Owens
McGill Visual Arts Collection

Ms. Lori Podolsky
McGill University Archives

Ms. Theresa Rowat
Archive of the Jesuits in Canada

Mr. Tom Thompson
University Advancement

Dr. M.A. Whitehead
Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry