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Patron:  Principal and Vice-Chancellor



Ms. Theresa Rowat (President)
Director and University Archivist
McGill University Archives

Ms. Susan Button (Past-President)
Honorary Secretary-Treasurer
Development and Alumni Relations
Martlet House

Mr. Edward Bilodeau
Assistant Librarian, Digital Initiatives 
McGill Library  

Mr. Gordon Burr
Senior Archivist, Collections
McGill University Archives
McLennan Library Building

Professor Peter McNally
(Executive Secretary)
Director, History of McGill Project
McLennan Library     

Professor Blaine Baker
Faculty of Law
Chancellor Day Hall

Prof. David Covo
School of Architecture
Macdonald Harrington Building

Dr. Deirdre Edward
Division of Surgical Research
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. William Feindel
Neuro History Project
Montreal Neurological Institute

Dr. Margaret Gillett
William C. Macdonald Professor of Education Emerita  
Faculty of Education

Mr. John Hobbins
Librarian Emeritus

Mr. Christopher Lyons
(Communications Secretary)
Head Librarian, Osler Library of the History of Medicine

Mr. Daniel McCabe
Editor, McGill News
Development and Alumni Relations

Dr. Robert H. Michel
McGill University Archives (retired)

Dr. Carman Miller
Emeritus Professor - Dept. of History
Stephen Leacock Building

Dr. Desmond Morton
Hiram Mills Professor Emeritus
Department of History

Prof. Jarrett Rudy
Director, Quebec Studies Program
Department of History

Mr. Tom Thompson      
Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Development and Alumni Relations
Martlet House

Dr. M.A. Whitehead
Professor Emeritus
Department of Chemistry