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“AI, Ethics and Policy”

22 & 24 avril 2024.

Séminaire sur le raisonnement en matière de politique publique, Programme de maîtrise en politique publique, École de politique publique Max Bell, Université McGill

PHIL 680- "Problems of Philosophy: Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence"

Fall 2023

"The progress of artificial intelligence in all its forms has been impressive. From self driving vehicles to computer vision to natural language processing, it is undeniable that AI is changing how we think and act in all spheres of human life. This progress raises a host of complex philosophical questions about consciousness, sentience, moral status, moral responsibility, explainability and the potential risks and benefits of rapidly progressing technology. The goal of this course is to leave participants in a better position to form their own judgements on the impact of AI on human life."

PHIL 481- "Topics in Philosophy: Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence"

Fall 2021, Fall 2022

"Can computers be conscious? Can they be sentient? Could they have moral rights or moral obligations? Could they pose an existential risk to humankind? Should programmers be accountable for explaining to the general public how their programs work? These are some of the questions that are explored in PHIL 481 in hopes of equipping students to exercise their own judgement on the impact of AI on human life."

PHIL 446- "Current Issues in Political Philosophy: Social Epistemology and Democratic Theory in the Digital Age"

Winter 2022, Winter 2023

"This course explores the impact of technology on our epistemic and democratic lives. Echo chambers, epistemic bubbles, fake-news, gaslighting, conspiracy theories, extremism, and hateful and hurtful speech are among topics that will be explored through the ideas of philosophers (from Plato to C.T. Nguyen) about how technology has led us to an epistemic crisis, and how we can overcome it." 

Seminar du cycle supérieur: "AI Ethics: Moral Status, Value Alignment and Algorithmic Regulation"

Dept. of Philosophy, University of Bonn, April-May 2023.


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