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Eye-Opening Thinking About the Digital Age

The Jarislowsky Chair in Human Nature and Technology aims to investigate the effects of rapidly changing technology on the human experience and to share findings with both the academic community, and our broader society.

Meet the Chairholder.

About Stephen A. Jarislowsky and the Jarislowsky Foundation:

The Jarislowsky Foundation was founded in 1991 by Stephen Jarislowsky, a prominent Canadian philanthropist and business leader. The Foundation's mission is to promote, support and foster excellence and ethics in education, medicine and the arts, and the environment and climate change. The Foundation has 48 research chairs in areas of democracy, governance, public sector management, environment & climate change, Canadian art, and health across Canada. The Foundation supports programs that allow students from diverse backgrounds to discuss contemporary issues with mentors and recognized experts. These programs aim to develop students' critical thinking skills so that they become leaders with strategic vision and thinking. The Jarislowsky Foundation supports more than 80 organizations a year in the arts and culture, hospital foundations, the community sector and climate change. The Jarislowsky Foundation now donates approximately $9 to 10 million per year.

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