School of Computer Science

AdeptMind Fellowship in Computer Science

Established in 2018 by AdeptMind Inc.


Awarded by the Faculty of Science upon the recommendation of the School of Computer Science, on the basis of academic merit to two outstanding PhD students enrolled in their second or higher year of study at the School of Computer Science. Preference will be given to students pursuing research in the advanced study of natural language processing, deep learning and machine learning, particularly with respect to research in the area of artificial intelligence.

Value $30,000 each

Last update: June 14, 2018

Kertland Family Fellowship

Established in 2017 by David S. Kertland, BSc 1959.

Eligibility Awarded annually to one or more outstanding graduate students entering or enrolled in the School of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science pursuing research in the field of artificial Intelligence finked to the study of applications in healthcare and medical research and/or medical devices. Awarded by the Faculty of Science upon recommendation of the School of Computer Science.
Value Varies

Last update: 07 Oct. 2019


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