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Drying rack and freighter canoe.

Group interview with senior hunters

Summer Fish Camp

Winter Beaver Lodge

Voladores Organization 

Representatives of the Organization of Voladores and the University of Veracruz' research team.

Agroforestry Reserve

The Voladores' Totonac organization guided University of Veracruz researchers into an area that was donated in 2013 by the municipal authorities for forest restoration and community research.

Participatory Action Research

In northern Veracruz, Mexico, the Centre for Tropical Research from the University of Veracruz aims to apply agroecological restoration research closely collaborating with local indigenous organizations and communities during all stages.

Bigstone Cree Nation environmental monitor photographing trapper before an interview

Bigstone CreeNation’s territory in the subarctic boreal forests of northern, Alberta Canada sits on top of the Athabasca oil sands deposits, and is a region that is experiencing extreme extraction.

Bigstone Cree Nation Elder harvesting lily root (Nuphar lutea sso. variegata)

Bigstone Cree Nation healer harvesting Labrador/muskeg tea and creeping wintergreen

Janelle Baker’s research looks at Cree knowledge, indicators, and concerns about wild food contamination. The research team is currently collecting samples and working with knowledge holders to complete this research.


Welcome to the project on Indigenous Stewardship of the Environment and Alternative Development (INSTEAD). We are a multidisciplinary research program that, in collabaration with indigenous partner communities from across the globe, focuses on indigenous people's attempts to implement their own visions of environmental and cultural heritage protection. We believe that indigenous views of socio-ecological community represent a vital base of political creativity, a 'place to stand' that favours the reproduction of diversity in human relationships to environment.

The two central goals of this project are:

  1. To conduct a comparative investigation of indigenous peoples' initiatives to implement their own visions of environmental and cultural heritage protection.
  2. To bolster indigenous capacity in these initiatives through partnered and collaborative research.